Four Corners: Where do you stand?

Dear Teachers,


Four Corners is an oldie but a goodie;

a student-centered activity that incorporates multiple perspectives and can be used to build community, to introduce a new unit, or to discuss a hot topic, or, in the case of the example below, a cold one.

One way to play:

  1. Create four large signs, each labeled with one of the following phrases: Strongly Agree, Agree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree.
  2. Place one sign in each corner of the classroom.
  3. Create a slide deck and post one statement on each slide. Note: It is helpful if the statements are written as opinions to ensure a range of perspectives.
  4. Project the slide, and ask someone to read the statement aloud. Note: If you do not have a projector, you can write or read the statements as well.
  5. Students move to the corner that best matches their view on the statement. Students will then see who shares similar or differing perspectives. Note: You can also have a “neutral” zone in the middle if students truly cannot decide where they “stand” on an issue.
  6. Ask the class if anyone would like to elaborate on their position.
  7. As students share with the class, encourage students that they have the option to change where they “stand” if someone shares an insight they had never thought about before, which changes their perspective.
  8. Continue with the remaining statements.

Statements used to introduce the Cold War:

  1. In times of international crisis, foreign policy is more important than domestic policy.
  2. Countries should have nuclear weapons.
  3. Capitalism is a successful economic system.
  4. Authoritarian states are effective.
  5. It is ethical to protest your government in times of war.
  6. Democracy is the best form of government.
  7. It is ok for a country to use violence to stop more violence.
  8. Communism can be a successful economic system.
  9. The United States is the most powerful nation in the world.

Have you used the Four Corners activity before? Feel free to include your experiences, suggestions, or statements below!

Stay Tuned,