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History Owls partners with top university professors to craft dynamic and deeply researched history lessons for high school teachers and their students. Our 1-3 week courses are curated with busy teachers in mind. Each module offers a customizable lesson plan and features a full suite of original content--video lectures, primary and secondary source collections, and interactive maps--all designed to reach students across the range of learning styles. With our researchers and historians on your team, History Owls helps high school educators save time to teach better.


Our Services

Video Mini Lectures

Presented by our University Professor partners, daily mini lectures are the foundation of each course module.

Curated Lesson Plans

Customizable lesson plans designed to fit any teacher course schedule.

Virtual Library

A suite of engaging primary and secondary source material, images, interactive maps, and annotated suggestions for further reading.

History Lab

Daily activities to put learning to the test, including class icebreakers, quizzes, essay questions, and debate prompts.

Meet our Professors

Leonard N. Moore

University of Texas at Austin

Molly Worthen

University of North Carolina

UPCOMING: Darren Dochuk

University of Notre Dame

An effective way of learning history

A modern, multimedia-based, and technology-driven approach.

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Hours per week teachers spend searching for sources and crafting lessons. (Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor, 2017)


Percentage of US High School Students considered proficient in US History "According to 2020 Study of 45,000 Students" (Statista)


Percentage boost of students' retention when classroom curriculum integrates E-Learning.

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