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We partner with leading university professors and high school educators to develop dynamic and expertly-researched history lessons for high school teachers and their students.

Our 1-3 week courses are crafted with busy teachers in mind. Each module offers customizable lesson plans and features a full suite of curated content –video lectures, primary and secondary source collections, and interactive maps – all designed to reach students across a range of learning styles.

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Video Mini Lectures

Presented by our University Professor partners, daily mini-lectures are the foundation of each History Owls course

Curated Lesson Plans

Customizable lesson plans designed to fit any teacher course schedule

Virtual Library

A suite of engaging primary and secondary source material, images, interactive maps, and annotated suggestions for further reading

History Lab

Daily activities to put learning to the test, including class exercises, quizzes, essay questions, debate prompts, and capstone projects

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Our team of top university professors and high school educators take the pain out of planning lessons so you can focus on teaching them.

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Our custom lesson plans, video lectures, and curated suite of source materials are designed to bring history to life — for any student in any classroom.

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The Owl Mindset

Our courses apply the principles of Mind, Brain, Health, and Education science.

History Owls combines cutting-edge pedagogy with findings from psychology and neuroscience to maximize a teacher’s reach and hold on their students’ attention.

No other curriculum service offers material directly from the front lines of academic research. The lessons you teach with History Owls bring the discipline of History up to date.

Textbooks tell a polished narrative, but history is messy. ​​

That’s why it's important to seek out a variety of voices, stories, and perspectives. We work to ensure history curricula include perspectives from a wide range of racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. ​

Our courses focus on analyses of sources, especially how the biases of primary source authors affect their narratives. These skills transfer to media literacy in the current day.

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What our professor partners have to say
The History Owls method is based on the assumption that you can help teachers plan lessons more quickly and easily without dumbing down anything — and that history is not just names and dates, but exciting stories that feature vivid characters who will stick in students’ minds long after the class is over.
Prof. Molly Worthen

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Owls method combines media and sources in a way that allow teachers to first master and then adapt the content to their own needs, while also allowing the students to see issues from a variety of perspectives, in depth and breadth. Alternative modalities (video, lecture, reading, discussion) will aid in retention and comprehension.
Prof. Wayne Lee

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill