Jim Crow Era

  • 1-2 Weeks
  • Grades 9-12
  • 5 Lessons

About this course

Examine the rise and fall of the Jim Crow era, which gave momentum to the Civil Rights Movement.

The transition to freedom after Emancipation led to backlash from white Southerners, resulting in segregation, convict-leasing, and racial violence during the Jim Crow era. Leonard Moore outlines how Jim Crow laws controlled Black life politically, socially, psychologically, and economically from the 1880s to the 1950s, as well as varied Black responses, such as protest, migration, and institution-building. Strong Black institutions helped Black Americans end the Jim Crow period, and some of them are still in existence today.

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Course Curriculum

Day 1

Lesson 1: Making Freedom, Juneteenth, & the Making of Freedman Communities

Videos: 3
Maps: 1
Readings: 1
Additional Sources: 6 (1 video, 5 readings)

Writing Tasks: 2
Comprehension: 2 Multiple-Choice Questions
Discussion: 6 Questions
Exit Ticket: 1 Question

Day 2

Lesson 2: Black Codes & the Origins of Racial Segregation

Videos: 4
Readings: 3
Additional Sources: 6 (2 readings, 1 audio, 3 videos)

Writing Tasks: 2
Comprehension: 1 Multiple-Choice Question
Discussion: 3 Questions
Exit Ticket: 1 Question

Day 3

Lesson 3: Voter Suppression & Economic Terrorism

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Audio: 1
Additional Sources: 8 (6 readings, 2 videos)

Writing Tasks: 1
Comprehension: 2 Multiple-Choice Questions
Discussion: 6 Questions
Exit Ticket: 1 Question

Day 4

Lesson 4: Convict Leasing, Lynching, & Racial Violence

Videos: 2
Readings: 5
Additional Sources: 10 (8 readings, 2 videos)

Writing Tasks: 2
Research: 1
Comprehension: 2 Multiple-Choice Questions
Discussion: 5 Questions
Exit Ticket: 2 Questions

Day 5

Lesson 5: Black Resilience & Institution Building

Videos: 2
Readings: 1
Additional Sources: 17 (9 readings, 2 audios, 6 videos)

Writing Tasks: 1
Research: 1
Comprehension: 1 Multiple-Choice Question
Discussion: 4 Questions
Exit Ticket: 1 Questions


Professor Leonard N. Moore

University of Texas at Austin

Leonard N. Moore is the George Littlefield Professor of American History and the former vice-president of diversity and community engagement. He is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, and earned his B.A. from Jackson State University in 1993 and his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in 1998. From 1998-2007 he was a professor at Louisiana State University and he has been at UT-Austin since 2007. At the University of Texas, he teaches a class on the Black Power Movement and a signature course titled "Race in the Age of Trump." In the fall semester, he teaches more than 1,000 students across both courses. He also directs study abroad programs in Cape Town, Beijing, and Dubai. Since 2013, he has taken more than 400 students abroad.


Professor Moore is the author of four books on Black politics, Teaching Black History to White People (University of Texas Press, 2021), The Defeat of Black Power: Civil Rights and the National Black Political Convention of 1972 (Louisiana State University Press, 2018), Black Rage in New Orleans: Police Brutality and African American Activism from World War II to Hurricane Katrina (Louisiana State University Press, 2010), and Carl B. Stokes and the Rise of Black Political Power in America (University of Illinois Press, 2002).


He is currently working on two book projects:

The Ghosts of Bear Bryant: The Dilemma of Race and College Football

They Cheer for Man U in the Townships: Race and the English Premier League